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THE COST OF POOR MATCHING What happens when you use just domain matching or sub-standard fuzzy matching? The downstream impact of poor matching is more significant than we imagine. It slows down our sales cycle, we lose deals to competition, or worse to inaction, and finally, we fail to recognize the impact of marketing on pipeline and revenue. FACT SHEET You lose or delay deals because Account Executives (AEs) cannot automatically see all new leads that match with their account. Reps spend up to 4-5 minutes reassigning leads that were incorrectly routed. 1 Prospects report a poor buying experience as they get calls from multiple SDRs, sometimes when they're in active opportunities with an AE. Without the right matching, outreach efforts are not aligned, creating a negative association with the brand. 2 Nurture campaigns are incorrectly personalized when leads are matched to the incorrect accounts and the wrong account-level data is appended onto these leads. Imagine sending a lead a prospecting email when she actually works for a company that's already a customer. 3 Marketing campaigns do not get due credit when leads don't match with accounts and as a result marketing touchpoints on leads are not related to revenue. 4 1 in 4 Leads are incorrectly assigned* 57% Companies don't create ideal buying experience* 14% Higher CTR** when emails are personalized^ 15% Less revenue attributed to Marketing with poor matching # *LeanData State of Lead Management Report 2017. ** Click Through Rate  ^ Aberdeen Group.  # RevPulse Case Study   

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