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® SALESLOFT SUCCESS STORY Fast growing SalesLoft relies on LeanData to scale the business by making the organization more productive and efficient through lead management automation THE CHALLENGE Businesses look to SalesLoft for guidance and best practices on designing a productive revenue-generation process. SalesLoft also takes a thoughtful approach about making its own selling machine efficient. Before implementing LeanData, SalesLoft utilized native assignment rules in the Salesforce CRM to route leads. But that wasn't scalable for a company growing at an exponential rate like SalesLoft. "It was just a manual process, and we have a very high volume of inbound leads," said Cindy Hancock, Sales Operations Systems Manager. "Leads could slip through the cracks, and nobody wants that. That's just like leaving money on the table. It was a real pain point for us, which is why we implemented LeanData. Since then, LeanData has also been very helpful in our account-based pivot." We couldn't scale our business without LeanData. It's really that simple. We need to understand all of the specific activities within our accounts, and LeanData allows us to do that. LeanData just makes sure everything gets to the right place." – Cindy Hancock, Sales Operations Systems Manager

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