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® DATASIFT SUCCESS STORY How DataSift improved conversion rates by more than 100 percent without increasing the marketing budget thanks to LeanData THE CHALLENGE DataSift faced three specific pain points when it came to lead management that needed to be solved in order to scale the business. 1. Sales couldn't see the inbound leads that mapped to their target accounts. More than 25 percent of incoming marketing-generated leads matched into existing accounts, but sales didn't see them. 2. Multiple Enterprise Business Reps (EBRs) could receive leads for the same account. This resulted in duplication of effort, wasted time and inconsistent alerting to the Account Executives on activity within their accounts. 3. Marketing needed to improve its inbound demand generation in order to meet new pipeline goals – doubling the number of suspects and MQLs, and almost tripling the previous pipeline quota. Marketing had committed to sourcing approximately 80 percent of all new opportunities and deploying programs across multiple audience targets. While the team used Marketo marketing automation software for MQL reporting and automated dashboards, it had no visibility into identifying leads in target accounts. Using LeanData, we've been able to get so much more refinement in terms of how accurately we can predict how many suspects I need to generate MQLs." – Ben Coffee, Demand Generation Manager

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