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3 CUSTOMER STORY About Toast Toast powers successful restaurants of all sizes with a technology platform that combines restaurant POS, f ront-of-house, back-of-house, and guest-facing technology with a diverse marketplace of third- party applications. By pairing technology with an unrivaled commitment to customer success, Toast helps restaurants streamline operations, increase revenue and deliver amazing guest experiences. Staying Flexible as Toast Grows Ross says the icing on the cake is LeanData's ability to support rapid-fire iterations and experimentation through a streamlined system that can orchestrate interactions and flex as the organization grows and shifts strategies. "One challenge that we ran into as we scaled was that our business systems team just couldn't keep up with the pace," says Ross. "It's really hard to change routing rules in real-time to meet evolving business needs when routing is hardcoded into Salesforce. And LeanData was a way for us to introduce flexibility into critical moments in our process." Ross explains, "We wanted to be able to say, 'You know what? This is a crazy experiment that we want to run, so we're just going to split this out into its own branch for a little while and see what happens.' And that flexibility has allowed us to execute against those initiatives at the speed of a go-to-market organization." One Year On It's now been one year since implementing LeanData as a core element of Toast's revenue operations strategy. Ross says his partnership with LeanData is continually evolving into something more dynamic and essential than a transactional client/vendor relationship. "LeanData, I think, is special as a vendor, as it's not just a platform that enables teams to be good at operations," he says. "It's a team that supports people who need to be flexible in the strategies that they use to handle data and to drive efficiency. That really matters because I can help our executive team understand why or how I can turn their big ideas into actual operating principles for the business."

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