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2 CUSTOMER STORY How Toast's Revenue Ops Team Supports and Drives Hyper Growth with LeanData Managing Data in a Complex Industry Once Toast's sales leadership adopted the mindset that operations were critically important to move the needle on growth, Ross transitioned from his role as Director of Business Development to Director of Revenue Operations. But when it came to powering his revenue operations strategy, Ross found that many of the revenue operations tools that other organizations can lean on just don't work for the restaurant management industry. First of all, you have the problem of email domains for small- to-mid-sized (SMB) restaurants, or rather, the lack of them. "The commonly used tool for routing and assigning leads is by email domain," says Ross. "But there's not a single SMB restaurant employee I've met that has a unique address such as a ''." At first, his team attempted to run fuzzy matches based on the restaurant name. "Turns out that didn't work super well," says Ross. "Part of the challenge here is matching based on the business name in the restaurant industry—just do a quick Google search for Main Street Grills and you'll see the problem that we run into." On top of gathering accurate restaurant data, matching data from prospects on Toast's website to existing accounts can be extremely difficult. "We need sophisticated data management techniques to try and identify: Is this restaurant already in our system? And then figure out the best person to give it to if we can't match it against an existing record," Ross says. "We use a bunch of very complicated business rules that we've devel- oped over time—and these hardcoded rules don't allow us to quickly make changes or try out the new ideas required to keep up with rapid growth." Partnering with LeanData for What's Possible Ross already knew about LeanData's powerful lead routing capabilities from his previous role with a business intelligence and analytics company. "I realized there was a lot of potential for LeanData to help us solve these problems in real-time," says Ross. "The ability to bake lead routing, data matching, and real-time optimization together was a big part of why we decided to pursue LeanData as a solution to our problems." Here are a few ways Toast benefitted from bringing in LeanData: Improvement in data quality and lead matching: When Ross first implemented LeanData, around 15% of Toast's database was comprised of duplicate records. "It was really hard for us to even get our arms around that number. We did a bunch of matching up initiatives. We got it down," Ross says. "Then the next time that I tried to run those same scenarios, we were only able to identify about 2% of the database that was duplicates. And so that's a pretty landmark moment for us in terms of our ability to identify data that is definitely duplicate information." And when it comes to lead matching, Toast is thrilled with their newfound ability to effectively match leads to accounts—even with challenging data. Doubled inbound conversions: Since optimizing their lead routing processes with LeanData, Toast has seen their inbound conversion rate double. Reps jump on the hottest leads in real-time, accelerating the buying journey and helping Revenue Ops to see which tactics work best. LeanData has given Toast the agility they needed in being able to quickly adapt to new go-to-market motions. "There are channels that previously linked to our inside sales teams and we've seen those convert by more than double by moving them to our territory-based teams," says Ross. Improved lead distribution to reps: Toast has also seen a decrease in the number of challenges between teams since using LeanData as a tool for enforcing operating principles. LeanData enables collaboration by providing clarity on the business rules for who should engage and when. And perhaps best of all, LeanData improves lead distribution to reps, which provides clarity on who's responsible for actioning leads. It also provides Toast with the ability to monitor results. There are channels that previously linked to our inside sales teams and we've seen those convert by more than double by moving them to our territory-based teams."

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