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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Information Technology & Services HEADQUARTERS New York City, NY CHALLENGES Kaltura experienced a lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and accounts, meaning leads must be converted into contacts before they are associated with corresponding accounts. Lead routing was being done manually and was slow and often misrouted. Couldn't accurately report the complete impact of marketing on the business. SOLUTIONS LeanData Matching automatically evaluates leads and matches them to existing accounts. LeanData Routing ensures that leads are immediately delivered to the right reps, territories and account owners. LeanData Attribution allows the team to track and report on marketing's impact on the business. RESULTS 1-minute lead routing enables rapid time- to-engagement with zero lead loss. Changes to lead management rules and flows can be made in a matter of minutes. Marketing is able to identify what activities are most effective and allocate budget accordingly. Reports are generated quickly and with confidence in the data. Kaltura Uses the LeanData Platform to Improve ROI and Power Business Growth - With Roni Menashe, Senior Marketing Operations Manager and Lisa Bennett, Vice President of Marketing Kaltura's mission is to power any video experience, equipping the company to establish leadership positions in key vertical markets including education, enterprise software, and CloudTV. Kaltura has dedicated global sales teams who are responsible for managing multiple accounts for each vertical market. Spurred by Kaltura's rapid growth, the need for robust Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing soon became acute. Explained Roni Menashe, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Kaltura, "Like most CRM systems, ours does not connect between leads and accounts, so lead routing was done manually, and not effective enough. Given that our sales database contained several hundred thousands of entries, most of which were leads, meant that we had records that were not routed properly, and certainly not automatically. The LeanData Solution Kaltura implemented LeanData for Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing in early 2016. The goal was to ensure that leads were delivered to the right reps, territories, and account owners as quickly as possible and that no leads were left behind or lost. Several key things resulted at once. Breakthrough Lead Processing Performance With LeanData, Kaltura has ensured that the right leads get into the right hands much faster and with much more accuracy than before. As part of the automated process, LeanData sends alerts to Kaltura and quickly moves processed leads into the funnel. "Our lead routing is now basically a one-minute process, and that's it," said Roni Menashe. "The lead lifecycle rolls along at a rapid clip so we don't lose sales momentum; we don't lose leads, MQLs, and opportunities; and we don't squander employee resources on manual lead management tasks. That is a great improvement." Simplifying Complexity With its multiple business units, geographies and account types, Kaltura's sales structure is multi-faceted and complex. LeanData supports this complexity with flexible rules-based routing that can quickly adapt to changes in field personnel, territories, accounts and company strategy. "We don't just have a lead matching and routing process, we have more of a language in that we have several highly adaptable lead flows that work transparently behind the scenes," explained Roni Menashe. "At Kaltura, we have a very sophisticated routing tree for our leads, and LeanData makes it simple to keep lead management aligned with our sales structure and thus support our revenue growth strategy." Changes to lead management rules and flows can be made in a matter of minutes using the LeanData Flowbuilder's drag-and-drop visual environment. "It's seamless to change things around that, even though I'm typically pressed for time, I've been able to go into LeanData and change the routing myself without difficulty," claimed Roni Menashe.

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