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Automatically Route Opportunities To The Right Rep Leads are the most important CRM object at the top the funnel. However, as the sales cycle progresses, objects like Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts take center stage. That is why LeanData provides the most robust routing solution to ensure that all Salesforce objects can be easily and automatically routed to sales team members based on your custom business rules. Opportunity Routing is one such critical aspect as it determines how opportunities are managed throughout the customer lifecycle. Using LeanData Opportunity Routing, you can easily create assignment rules on new opportunity creation, opportunity stage updates, and even after winning or losing an opportunity. PRODUCT SHEET | OPPORTUNITY ROUTING Opportunity Routing can help organizations in the following ways: • Auto-create & Assign New Opportunities: Define the business rules for routing new opportunities that are created automatically when certain conditions are met (e.g., the lead / contact has seen a product demo) • Renewal Management: Create a renewal opportunity and automatically assign to a sales team member (e.g., the Customer Success Manager) • Up-sell / Cross-sell Management: Route growth opportunities to relevant sales rep to grow an existing account • Lost Opportunity Re-engagement: Route lost opportunities to new owners for post-loss nurturing in order to reactivate interest Safe & secure in Salesforce • Native within Salesforce environment • Your data is never exported • LeanData maintains history of your previous routing rules ®

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